The rolling hills of Sabina,

with its ancient forests,

medieval hilltop towns,

castles and abbeys,

are a world away

from the rush and bustle

of modern life,

yet within easy reach

of Rome and its airports.

In sabina

The region’s pre-Roman archaeological sites 

bear testimony to its rich history 

and prosperous past.  

Its centuries old agrarian traditions live on 

and its famous virgin olive oil – 

the first to receive PDO certification, 

has been produced in the Sabine hills

for millennia. 


Sheep’s milk cheeses, local wines, 

truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts 

are just some of the other

gastronomic delights 

and distinctive flavours 

of the local cuisine.


The beauty of this unspoiled,

undulating rural landscape

has attracted a diverse community

of writers, artists and those who wish

to pursue spiritual practice

and live in tune with nature.

Off the beaten tourist track, 

Sabina remains an unsung, secret gem 

in the heart of the resplendent 

Italian countryside. 


Groups and gatherings are welcome

throughout the year.