In a lush, enchanting valley 

Giulia welcomes groups and gatherings 

to revive and replenish 

in tranquil surroundings, 

to absorb the healing energy 

of this magical landscape, 

and to bask in the unique creative spirit

of In Sabina.

Giulia’s yoga practice

and deep connection

with her Italian roots

drew her from her thriving London 

corporate design studio 

to the timeless grace 

of this agrarian community

which has long been her home, 

her inspiration, 

and her hearth of creativity. 

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She has lovingly restored 

two rustic, ancient stone farmhouses 

with exquisite artistic detail

combining the whimsical and the refined.

The extensive grounds are cultivated 

with care and reverence for nature 

with shaded terraces, intimate hideaways

and quirky nooks which surprise, 

delight and inspire visitors, 

many of whom return year on year. 


The magnificent outdoor platform 

designed by Marco Antonini, 

perches on the hillside 

overlooking the valley and brook below, 

surrounded by stunning views 

and the natural splendour

of cypresses, olive groves, 

and walnut trees. 


The restful, refreshing swimming pool, 

the myriad outdoor and indoor spaces 

for leisure and practice,  

the simple, elegant, distinctive bedrooms  

with artworks by local 

and international artists 

are all designed to nurture, soothe, inspire.

The local surroundings abound 

in natural springs, rivers and streams, 

countryside walks and nature reserves. 

Sabina’s historic villages, 

with breath-taking panoramic views, 

artisanal traditions, gastronomic delights 

and a variety of creative 

and culinary activities 

are all within easy reach, 

with the Roman Forum 

only a heartbeat away.