Work exchange at In Sabina Retreat - in the hills just one hour north of Rome

Dates: 16 May to 29 June (6 weeks)

We are looking for 2 friends who are able to work independently, sometimes together and with the same day off each week.
We ask for approximately 5 hours (each) per day (sometimes less or a bit more)…

Driving: it is essential that one of you can drive well and has lots of experience driving in the countryside, on narrow lanes and up and down hills. We provide a small manual car for shopping twice a week and for use on your day off in the immediate locality.

Energy, flexibility and punctuality: these are also essential. An enthusiasm for food and its preparation, engaging with people, living in beautiful nature are all part of the experience.

Kitchen work: It is important that you can work efficiently to set up, clear up and clean up after meals on your own for up to 20 people. We have very efficient processes in place and methods that means that the work is not too onerous or heavy – taking usually around 1.5 hours at lunch time and 2 hours in the evening.

Breakfast there will be a chance to help with the putting out of breakfast and creating certain simple dishes and making a beautiful presentation at the food buffet.

Laundry: some help with this, mainly hanging up and folding Watering of plants: each day or every 2 days

Photos, videos and Instagram: some contribution to our social media activity following our guidelines

Supervision of the in Sabina shop we have a variety of things to sell to guests – from clothes, jewellery, local soaps and our own olive oil.

We offer in exchange

  • comfortable shared garden room for sleeping
  • the chance to join in on up to 4 classes per week.
  • occasional excursions with the groups.
  • visits to nearby villages and markets.
  • delicious meals. (vegetarian), laundry and use of Italian phone.
  • discounted massages, discounted items in the shop.
  • time throughout the day to explore your own interests/career.
  • full day off on Friday.

If you satisfy all of the above criteria please send us a brief email with no more than 200 words and include the following:

  • recent photos of you 
  • what motivates you to want to stay with us and what would you most like to gain from the experience.
  • brief outline of your interests/hobbies/creative accomplishments that you could contribute to In Sabina
  • full CV

Preference will be given to friends applying together.

Send email to: